of Course!, Contact me at guidocalamosca@gmail.com and tell me more about your wedding

Of course!!. Click HERE to see some examples!

Within 3-9 weeks after your wedding date (depending on the season).

Your wedding collection will include  500-700 fully edited photos. Portrait sessions include approximately 60 photos.

yes I'am! i shoot with a 35mm and 120mm film. Send me a mail to receive others information about full film shooting.

I shot Canon Digital for 10 years and a wide range of prime lenses. I shoot with  other bodies  like Contax, Hasselblad, Mamya, Holga and Polaroid.

 I love traveling, discovering new places and people. if you have some questions about my travel cost, send me a mail and I can provide you with a custom quote.

I’m  based in Bologna but i'am often in Senigallia, central Italy.
from more than ten years